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School is officially in session for all 3 of my boys. Praise GAWD. My baby is in Kindergarten now, which means all 3 of my boys are at the same school. They all are riding the same bus, ย and my school routine just got a lot easier. Buying school supplies for all three of them worked my nerves a little because there are SO MANY THINGS on those lists. But I got everything, sorted them into 3 bags, and got them in their classrooms days before school started when we met their teachers. Between Walmart and Office Depot I got everything for all 3 boys for just under $100. Paper, Composition Books, and Ticonderoga pencils are boring though. School supplies are pretty standard regardless of what big box store you shop at. The big money gets spent and big savings opportunities come when we’re out getting their school clothes.

Because I have all boys, hand me downs are my favorite. There are things that all 3 of my boys have worn, that still look amazing. I’ve learned how to balance buying brand quality and blending with basics to give the boys a solid wardrobe on a budget. I want to take you through how I shopped for 3 boys and got everything they needed to make it through the school year,ย without breaking the bank. Wealth building is about maximizing your resources and minimizing waste. As moms we manage assets. Here’s how I spend smarter during the back to school madness.

Stores- I’m not the kind of person that has to have brand names. I’m just not. But I definitely jump at opportunities to buy the brands when they’re affordable because depending on the brand, the quality makes for great hand me downs. The stores I go to that let me buy brand t-shirts for the boys for under $10 are: Marshalls, TJ Maxx and on occasion, Ross Dress for Less.

Can you spot the hand me down?

For basics I always shop Old Navy. The back to school deals were amazing. I got solids and patterned crew necks for $4.00




Steals- I was able to score major savings on my youngest boy’s shoes.

Tweetable: “Wealth building is about maximizing your resources and minimizing waste. As moms we manage assets.” -@timiljones

I nabbed these OshKosh shoes and sneakers from for under $15.oo each!


If you follow me on Instagram (click to do that now sis!) ย you know that I also bought these for only $20.00. $20.00 was a pretty good deal, but while shopping in-store in Burlington Coat Factory I found the SAME shoe with a magic clearance red sticker, for $9.99!

Splurges- If you’re noticing a theme $10 or less is my rule of thumb. Except for shoes. It’s hard to get shoes for $10 or less (but not impossible, shoutout to my OshKosh find!), and even when you purchase a more budget friendly shoe the quality may not be as friendly. There’s nothing worse than your kid wearing a brand new $20 shoe and wearing them twice and they start to fall apart. I try not to spend more than $50 pre tax on sneakers. We also NEVER buy shoes with white bottoms. This makes it a little more tedious to find a shoe, but they last so much longer. It’s worth the struggle.


I got these velcro (no shoelaces for the win) New Balance for my big boy for $35.00 I would have ordered for all 3 boys at this great price, but their sizes weren’t available.

I was able to grab these Adidas running shoes for $45 a pair for 2 of my boys.

I spent $50.00 in store at Kids Foot Locker for these all black (read easy to clean and still look new) Nike Roche for my oldest son.












And that’s my haul. I hope these tips help shopping for your kiddos more budget friendly and stress free.

All the images are clickable if you want to grab something for your babies!

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