Women WINSdays ft Jenné Claiborne The Nourishing Vegan

Women WINSdays ft Jenné Claiborne The Nourishing Vegan


I’m just not y’all. But I am always learning how to better care for my body. I am also endlessly in awe of women (and men) that are 70ish and look 45 because they eat a plant based diet and exercise routinely. Somehow, in my never ending search for new and healthy recipes, I stumbled across Sweet Potato Soul, an amazing vegan food blog inspired by everyone’s favorite staple-SWEET POTATOES.

After some serious note taking and bookmarking I learned a little bit more about the creator of this amazing online space. Jenné Claiborne is a blogger, but she’s also an entrepreneur. In the interview we talk:


  • How eating vegan affect your body and your WALLET
  • Creating multiple streams of income around your brand
  • Preventing burnout
  • Her new meal plan subscription system, BUDDHALICIOUS, that you’ll love!

Check out the interview , be sure and follow Sweet Potato Soul on Instagram and/or Facebook and meet me in the comments!

Timil Jones
Timil Jones
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