Watch: Women WINSdays™ ft. Anthonia Akitunde of MaterMea

Watch: Women WINSdays™ ft. Anthonia Akitunde of MaterMea

WW ANTHONIAWe always hear,talk, and read articles about REPRESENTATION. We know it matters. We know how imortant it is to see visual representation of women of color in media that portray not just positive images, but REAL ONES.

This is where Mater Mea comes in. Anthonia Akitunde is a writer that started her career contributing for other news outlets (some pretty big names) , but in our interview we talk about why she created her own media property, and how important representation is to her. Mater Mea gained notariety because of the gorgeous and in depth profiles they publish on working mothers of color. They usually feature women we’ve never heard of that we SHOULD KNOW.

Anthonia is not a mother (YET) but she beautifully showcases motherhood and allows these women to speak their truths to an audience that is not used to seeing a reflelction of themselves in media.

We talk representation, blackness, inclusivity,and the power of CONTROLLING the narrative. If you don’t know, now you KNOW. Watch the interview and be sure and subscibe to mater mea.

This is such important work and I am honored that Anthonia sat down with me for the interview.



Watch here: 

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