Year in Review + #BuildingBetter in 2016

Year in Review + #BuildingBetter in 2016

Last year was my intro into this online space and what a year it was. I knew I wanted to create something that would manifest change in my life and in the lives of others. I singled out a few things that I was passionate about and launched this site. I was bubbling with so many ideas that I wanted to get out to you guys and honestly struggled with figuring out the best medium to present you with everything I envisioned. Operating a business, my home, and this blog was really a humbling experience and I learned a lot.

2015 was all about getting to know you guys, what you want to know more about, and what you’re looking to improve and build upon. I feel like I’ve found my footing, and have a clearer vision of how I’m going to share the things you’ve asked me to focus on.

You’ve requested MORE:

Examples of Excellence
Investment strategies
Money Management
How to Start and Grow a Business
How to Advance Your Career

This community is filled with people looking to constantly be better. So my theme for this year is building.

TWEETABLE: We are #BuildingBetter Lives together.

You’ll see me using and I’m inviting YOU to use the hashtag #buildingbetter. If you see something inspirational that will encourage us on this journey, tag us all by using it. This way we’ll create a community conversation about BUILDING better lives, BUILDING better relationships- business and otherwise, and of course BUILDING Wealth.


In 2016:

  •  I’ll be highlighting women who creating their circumstances and defining their destiny through a series of on camera interviews.
  •  I’ll share strategies to for better money management and ways to make that money grow.
  • I’ll share tools to start and grow your own business. Tools that will be applicable and beneficial in any business.I can’t wait to start Building a Better Life with you guys.XO



Comment below and let me know what area you want to start #buildingbetter in 2016.


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Timil Jones
Timil Jones
Soccer Mom, Real Estate Investor, Entrepreneur. Host of TIMILTV. Passionate about the success of other women.

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