My First Stock Purchase-Timil & the Square IPO

My First Stock Purchase-Timil & the Square IPO

So you guys know I’m a real estate investor. To me real estate is safe and tangible. It’s what I know, it’s what I’ve mastered, it’s my comfort zone. But when I got an email from Square telling me they were going public, and that as a customer I would have first dibs at shares before the rest of the public- I got a little curious. I’ve watched major IPO launches in the past from a distance, and I knew there was money to be made. But a as a solo investor not connected with a major trading house, IPOs of this size usually aren’t avaialble to me.

I love Square, I use it almost everyday as a consumer and as a business person. The user interface is aesthetically clean, and it is generally super user friendly. The fees as a merchant service are very reasonable and I believe the company is going to be the primary face of global payment processing. So that’s why I took the plunge to purchase some shares.

Jack Dorsey, CEO snaps pic of mom Maria. Rings opening bell with 1st customer Cheri Mims of Lilybelle Flowers

Jack Dorsey, CEO, his mom Maria, and Square’s 1st customer -Cheri Mims of Lilybelle Flowers Photo Cred:

I’m sharing this with you because money has to stop being a taboo topic. We can’t understand something if we don’t discuss it , LEARN, and experience it for ourselves. So here’s how it went down.

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I decided to invest $2500-the max available through LOYAL3, the platform Square used to allow their customers to take part in their IPO.

For me $2500 IS:

2 months of childcare


5 months of car payments


1 year of my car insurance and home owners insurance combined. 

So to me it was a pretty decent sized risk. When the opening bell rung my heart was racing like I was a majority owner. I will say, that I’m not sure my heart is cut out for the stock market. I almost had an anxiety attack. But seeing the ticker go up incrementally that day was a huge adrenaline rush. At the end of trading today the value of my stock is up 28%, and if I sold tomorrow I’d make about $700. I haven’t decided whether or not I’m invested for the long haul, but I’m so glad I experienced this for the first time.

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To start using Square in your business click HERE. IT’S FREE TO SIGN UP.

Have you ever purchased stock on your own? What was your experience? Comment below!

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