Lessons From Beyoncé on #BeyDay

Lessons From Beyoncé on #BeyDay



I’m a certified member of the #Beyhive!

Here are somethings we can learn from the Queen.

beyonce on oprah

Beyoncé on the Oprah Winfrey Show


Keep your Love Life Hush Hush
I remember when asked  if she was dating Jay on the Oprah Winfrey show, Beyoncé would neither confirm or deny. Keeping their love life private has seemed to benefit them well these last 10 years, especially in an industry where long term romances are few and far between. This definitely applies to us non-celebs also. Keep your family and friends out of your relationship.

Don’t be Afraid to Try Something New
When Bey first tried her hand at acting she was heavily critiqued, but she kept at it. She ended up landing a role in the Oscar Winning Film, Dream Girls. Take That Haters!

Keep Your Power Moves a Secret- Where were you when she stopped the world? WORLD. STOP. Carry On.
Beyoncé’s Self Titled, Visual Album was super top secret. The Non Disclosure Agreements were probably 5000 pages long. Lesson being, when working on a new business deal, or venture, keep it a secret until it’s ready to launch. Sometimes a marketing strategy calls for a steady drip drop of info, but perfecting your idea until it’s ready for public consumption is always a good idea.

You’re More than Your Career
You may not want to be a mom, but don’t forget to pause from the career building to live a life that truly makes you happy. For me that meant working from home to be with my kids for a year, for you it could mean backpacking somewhere. Whatever it is, don’t forget to find yourself in other ways.

Beyoncé and her family at the 2014 VMAs

Beyoncé and her family at the 2014 VMAs

Beyoncé and Blue Ivy Photo Cred: Beyoncé.com

Beyoncé and Blue Ivy
Photo Cred: Beyoncé.com

Click Here for the Birthday Video! Happy Birthday Bey!!! 

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